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  • EFF stops accepting Bitcoin donations
    Of course, there are already those criticizing EFF for its decision. While digital crypto-currency would seem to be squarely within EFF’s bailiwick, there is a difference between providing defense and being the actual defendant in the sort of impact litigation EFF pursues. They want to preserve time for the former by avoiding being the latter. Of course, the difficulties in extracting value from Bitcoin are also an issue, as I have found with my own donations which are sitting in my wallet file gathering dust.
  • PlanetLab creates a more advanced sudo
    Slashdot linked to a ComputerWorld piece that piqued my interest because the outfit claiming to have built a security tool that improves on the venerabl sudo is one with which I collaborate through my day job. From the article, vsys sounds like it is going to be most useful in shared, virtualized environments which are PlanetLab’s mainstay. It could prove useful beyond the network research platform for which it was built to any number of large scale VM or VPS providers.
  • Firefox 5 has arrived
    Straight from the lizard wranglers themselves comes the impressive news that they’ve managed to hit the first milestone successfully on their new, much more ambitious release cycle. The post at Mozilla has all the details but most importantly for me all of my plugins work. That was not the case with the beta leading up to this release so perhaps there is hope that add on developers will adjust to the quicker pace, too.
  • Third installment of “Everything is a Remix” released, Everything is a Remix
  • The biggest changes in C++11 and why you should care, Software Quality Connection via Slashdot
  • Add-on SDK and the beta of Add-on Builder now available, Mozilla

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