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  • IBM celebrates 100 years
    Alexis Madgrial at The Atlantic shared an illustrated timeline of IBM’s century of existence. Love or hate Big Blue (or both at different times over its span), it has a very significant place in the history of computing. What I enjoy most about Madgrigal’s visual history is it emphasizes the things IBM has done with its technology at least as much as the tech itself, if not more so. There are some lesser known, fascinating moments from earlier as well as the touchstones many geeks of my generation will recognize from the latter half of IBM’s century.
  • First release candidate of Firefox 5 posted
    According to The Register, the final version is due next week so the RC build is right on track. The quick run up to the new version is a strong early step in living up the ambition new release cadence Mozilla is pursuing. Versions 6 and 7 are still slated before year’s end. If they can keep up this pace, I expect they’ll hit those marks. I hope in the course of doing so, add on compatibility and updating handling smoothes out as that is the only thing that has held me back from participating more in the shorter beta cycles for version 5.
  • Highlighting the first Wikipedian-in-Residence at the National Archives
    Jared Keller at The Atlantic has an excellent write up of a very progressive experiment at the National Archives, a collaboration with Wikipedia in the from of Dominic McDevitt-Parks, the first Wikipedian in residence at the Archives. I got a solid sense of just how hard it is for the Archives to keep up with its mission of preservation let alone improving any kind of access, let alone online. This sort of partnership makes fantastic sense, harnessing the commons-mind ethos of Wikipedia to expand the Archives’ limited reach in this space.
  • The earliest example of open innovation, from Linus himself , ComputerWorld UK
  • Microsoft tries to quash innovation in interoperability battle over Xbox, EFF
  • LulzSec takes down CIA site, The H Security
  • More on LulzSec’s latest antics, Ars Technica

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