Yesterday and today, all day, I am heads down to the inaugural documentation and code sprint for the Commotion project. This is one of a few large projects that I support as part of my day job. The roots of Commotion predate my employment, they even predate the broader program for which I work. Commotion is an outgrowth of efforts around community wireless and represents some very compelling thought leadership on how to integrate and deployment open source wireless mesh network and open telephony for a variety of purposes from community access to emergency response and replacement infrastructure under repressive regimes.

Why am I promoting Commotion? Other than the fact that it is an intensely worthwhile effort involving some pretty incredible existing open source projects (Serval, OpenBTS, Guardian, among others) my involvement in the sprint means blogging here has pretty much ground to a halt. I have a couple of link dumps queued up and will hopefully flush them out to the site tomorrow morning or afternoon.

My blogging may remain uneven through the middle of this coming week. Saturday will be a free day largely consumed with hectic errands and packing as I head off for OpenGov Camp followed by the Personal Democracy Forum first thing on Sunday. I should be able to find time in the evenings to at least stay on top of my feeds if not add any commentary. By Wednesday, things should get back to what passes for normal around here.

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