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  • Replicating cuneiform tablets with 3D scanning and printing
    Curt Hopkins at ReadWriteWeb has an excellent write up from over the weekend of another unexpected but obvious in hindsight use for 3D printing: reproducing cuneiform tablets to aid in their study. Handling the actual tablets, or sufficiently detailed replicas, is obviously of huge benefit in understanding the ancient system of writing consisting of wedge shaped impressions fired into clay. While it appears that there is still some progress to be made on resolution one advantage has already been realized in the ability to scale replicas up to make close examination easier.
  • WebSockets return to Firefox with Aurora 6
    The Mozilla Web Developer Blog, via ReadWriteWeb, announced the availability of the latest major update in the new development channel for Firefox. Headlining the list of changes and additions is the restoration of WebSockets, a specification for full two-way network communication between a server and the browser that makes much more capable communication possible like online chats and multiplayer gaming. WebSockets had been disabled previously because of security concerns in the specs’ design, presumably those have been addressed. There are quite a few other additions worth a look.
  • Pentagon equates hack of foreign origin with act of war
    According to the Wall Street Journal (via Slashdot) the rationale behind equating online attacks coming from another country as an act of war is to allow the US to use military force in response. I somehow doubt that this idea of “equivalence” where the magnitude of damage will determine the level of response will take into consideration whether the targeted system was adequately secured to begin with. I hope it is as some suggested bluster because otherwise I think it sets a very dangerous stage. I can’t help but imagine the nightmare that would unfold because of a single script kiddy somehow getting lucky (or unlucky) and triggering a military reaction. This just doesn’t seem like the right model as outdated as existing ones may be.
  • First release candidate of Linux 3.0 available, The H Open
  • PBS web sites hacked in protest of WikiLeaks story on Frontline, Security Week via Slashdot
  • ARM SBC replaces drive to support hot switching between regular OS and Android, The H Open
  • Twittering vintage arcade game, SpritesMods via Slashdot

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