Doom Ported to the Web

For geeks of a certain age like me, Doom was both a touchstone and a benchmark. I recall fondly hand building machines of the late 486 and early Pentium vintages, installing Doom, and comparing notes on how it ran on the last machine we cobbled together. The deep nostalgia many hackers hold for the game has also seen it ported to a variety of platforms.

The latest port is offered as an HTML5 demonstrator through the Mozilla Developer Network. It is pretty impressive, another strong testament to how far the browser has come. When I tried it game ran incredibly smoothly. My work machine made a bit of a hash of the sound but not enough to detract from the fond stroll down memory lane.

WebGL is not a requirement, the browser version only uses the audio and Canvas APIs exercised with the browser lingua franca, JavaScript. Slashdot, who linked to the demo, had a few more details about it.

The translation was accomplished using Emscripten, a Javascript backend for LLVM. As per the GPL, full source code is available.

Doom Ported To the Web, Slashdot

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