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  • Pirate Party servers raided by German police
    Ernesto at TorrentFreak has the details of which for a chance reveal that the Party and its subsidiaries are not the target. Rather one of the services for which the Party provides operational support. In an update, Ernest provides further info underlying the rationale of the seizure. The action was still largely disproportionate, taking down all of the Party’s servers rather than just the one hosting the service in question. The timing is also unfortunate, coming just days before elections in Bremen.
  • Mac App Store delays critical updates
    The H Security has details of how the version of Opera in Apple’s new store for desktop apps lagged uncomfortably behind the official version of the browser in the wake of a critical security update. Coordination of releases is a constant problem for more mature distribution systems like the package managers used under Linux however the latter usually have priority mechanisms for picking up security changes. Every Linux package manager has the ability to add custom repositories in the extreme case allowing software authors to gain all the advantages of the channel without running the risk of intermediary introduced lags.
  • Science fiction exhibit opens at the British Museum
    The Register has the full details of the new showing which will be open through September. I really wish I could get across the pond in time to catch this. The range of history is impressive as is the list of live events and speakers. There are even more authors listed if you follow the link through to the exhibit’s site. There is no mention of podcast or live streaming but such online access would be fantastic.
  • Australian government widens spy agency’s powers again, The Sydney Morning Herald via Slashdot
  • New Zealand libraries consider shutting off internet access to avoid three strikes hassle, NZ Herald News via Techdirt
  • France lobbies G8 for Internet control and censorship, La Quadrature du Net via BoingBoing
  • Neuromancer film going forward, /Film via Slashdot

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