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  • Tech in museums, for international museum day
    Curt Hopkins at ReadWriteWeb clues us in that today was International Museum Day. I wish I had known sooner, I might have slipped out at lunch for a stroll on the Mall to see what the Smithsonian was doing in observance. If you missed out, like me, Hopkins has a round up of how tech has been used in the past year in some way or another in museums or online to improve and increase access to cultural treasures.
  • Constraints arising from embedability of a language
    Slashdot links to an interesting article at ACM Queue about how the approach to providing a means for embedded languages to access external capabilities has farther reaching consequences. The article’s authors include the lead architect of Lua, a language frequently chosen for its ease of embedding in other programs and environments. The discussion is useful more broadly as embedded languages often offer a stepping stone via customization of existing programs eventually to coding up new applications from scratch.
  • Browser based Bitcoin miner
    Slashdot has news of a Bitcoin miner that has been implemented in a browser. Miner are ways to convert spare CPU cycles into the p2p, virtual currency that seems to be constantly gaining in popularity. I’ve seen some recent criticism of Bitcoin in terms of its security, privacy and the long term viability of its model for generating value that have turned my feelings about it somewhat mixed. Regardless of its ultimate success, it does seem to be bringing digital currencies much more to the attention of the mainstream.
  • Minister de Hollanda’s non-transparent copyright consultation in Brazil, P2P Foundation
  • Dropbox defends itself against allegations it misled its users, Threat Level at Wired
  • App developer fights piracy with politeness, TorrentFreak

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