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  • Help bring disk encryption to the Ubuntu Live CD
    Micah Lee at EFF explains that full disk encryption is not the easiest option to enable with the current stock installer for Ubuntu. There is an easy way to turn on home directory encryption which is a good start but in many circumstances that isn’t enough. Full disk encryption covers temporarily written files and prevents an attacker from altering the OS unknown to the user. You will need to register to vote but it is a painless process.
  • Canadian researchers create thin-film flexible paper smartphone
    I have been struggling with the very crappy indeed accuracy of the resistive screen of my Android notaphone. The first thing I have to wonder when seeing this Slashdot story is how well touch aspect works. I imagine the new bending gestures it supports would stand up to repeated use but might worsen touch registration. All the same, the idea of a device that more easily fits in a pocket, any pocket, is attractive.
  • Vending machine to stock geek needfuls
    Dylan Tweeney at Wired’s Gadget Lab describes a vending machine that is stocked with the sort of items tech geeks often need but are often in short supply or inconveniently require a full store trip. Not surprisingly the machine in question is in the Metrix Create:Space, a hacker space in Seattle. The machine also is part of what sets the space apart, that its founder, Matt Westervelt, is running it as a business rather than a not-for-profit like many of its peers.
  • Researchers afflict a computer with schizophrenia, The Register
  • Wall Street Journal launches its own leaks clearance site, The Register
  • Thumb-drive sized PC for $25, BoingBoing
  • Tech experts look to help save the postal service, Slashdot

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    1. I should have been more clear. Sure, a smaller, lighter rigid phone is more convenient but I am thinking of the way my leather wallet can mold itself in my back pocket to a better fit. A mobile gadget that does the same thing would be an improvement even over the smallest, lightest device that is still bound by having to have a rigid case. That being said, I think practical flexible devices that are usable and appealing are still a ways off. This is merely an encourage step in that direction that I think has an uncommon physical affordance regardless of any of the software features.

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