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  • BitTorrent case judge rejects equation of IP address with person
    Ernesto at TorrentFreak has details of a ruling in a file sharing case that could make prosecution of future cases more difficult. The ruling more specifically strikes at the practice of requesting subpoenas for ISP subscriber info based solely on a logged IP address. The ruling is a promising step towards possibly raising the burden of proof claimants will have to bring against online infringers, to show better evidence and merit.
  • Tag-less video search developed by DARPA
    The Register has news of what they rightly call one of the holy grails of search, the ability to find videos without relying a problematic metadata. Details are scant beyond the context in which this system, VIRAT, was developed. That is specifically to help in sifting through ever increasing volumes of surveillance video from military operations. We’ll have to wait for the technology to be de-classified to know how and how well it actually might work for civilian applications.
  • 3D printing consumables for dead technologies
    Cory at BoingBoing points to what may increasingly serve as a killer app for home 3D printing, namely helping to keep viable dead technologies no longer supported by their original manufacturers. Running afoul of intellectual monopoly claims, bogus or legitimate, is unlikely and there are no doubt many more examples than the plotter mentioned here of technologies that are workable far longer than their original progenitors. This story also puts me in mind of yesterday’s call from Make to open up dead technologies.
  • What Canada’s new conservative majority may mean for digital policies, Michael Geist
  • IFPI convinces ISP to just hand over hard drives of torrent site, Techdirt
  • Apple II based parallel computer, Slashdot
  • 4 ways to roll your own dropbox alternative, ReadWriteWeb

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