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  • Publishers force domain seizure of public domain music resource
    If this story, from enigmax at TorrentFreak, doesn’t convince you that the search and seizure power land grab has gone too far, I don’t know what will. Not only is the piece in question well out of copyright but the site that GoDaddy took down on behalf of the UK’s MPA is dedicated specifically to public domain works. That a DMCA takedown was used to get a domain registrar to act is also highly concerning as this is a novel interpretation of the law. Thankfully, IMSLP pushed back and the MPA withdrew their complaint. The prevention of a bad outcome doesn’t alter the fact that this episode should not have happened in the first place. Time for a mass boycott of GoDaddy.
  • Amazon outage broader than originally thought
    The Register has some more details about the outage of Amazon’s hosted computing platform. In particular it debunks my initial supposition, that the problem was fairly compartmentalized. While it remains that servers, no matter by whom and how they are provisioned, will go down, the incident highlights that the way risk cascades may have changed for the worse.
  • IP addresses can now locate a computer within a half mile
    Thomas Lowenthal at Ars Technica has the details of new research out of NorthWestern presented at a recent USENIX conference. In a nutshell, the new technique is a very sophisticated form of triangulation based on certain assumptions about average transmission speeds through the physical layer of the network coupled with some very clever heuristics based on known landmarks on the net. This could disrupt the currently narrow and costly selection of geo-IP databases as well as put more pressure on resolving potential privacy issues around easily accessed or derived location data.
  • Idiotic anti-Linux & Google patent decision, Linux and Open Source at ZDNet
  • How people broadcast their location data without meaning to, Technology Review
  • Licensing problem silences internet radio, Slashdot

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