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  • “Honest Achmed” asks for trust
    The H Security points to a bit of humor, a hoax bug in Mozilla’s bug tracking database. There are at least a few of these, another was recently logged for “native HTML 5” support after Microsoft used that nonsensical descriptive for Internet Explorer 10. In this instance, a putative CA begs Mozilla for including its cert in the browser’s trust store for fairly blatant, money grabbing reasons.
  • Weird Al releases snubbed parody as fair use
    Cory at BoingBoing has the initial details of what I agree is very clearly a parody, usually protected under fair use. This class of work is often confused, where people assume a similar style is enough but technically the subject of the humorous work has to be considered as well as the transformative nature of the use. Cory also notes the happy conclusion, that the public attention Al’s YouTube release drew included that of Lady GaGa herself who according to Al’s blog didn’t actually deny approval, that was some flunky who now has quite a bit of egg on his face.
  • Amazon glitch takes down several web sites
    Among the details the BBC reports it is unclear whether this was a partial or complete outage. I suspect the former as the latter would be criminally negligent in terms of properly compartmentalizing risk. Outages like this will become more common, not in the sense that they will occur more frequently but that a problem with lower level hosting that services use to save money on operations will take out a handful of services at a time rather than seeing individual offerings fail in isolation. I am not sure that the aggregate risk and cost of such outages will really be that different from self hosting.
  • Software design specialist asks developers to considers benefits, outcomes, Technology Review
  • Amazon to let libraries lend Kindle ebooks, Slashdot
  • Librarians react to Amazon’s offer to lend Kindle ebooks, ReadWriteWeb
  • Canada threatens election night tweeters with $25K fine, BoingBoing

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