Let’s Call This a Hiatus

I did not get a news cast out this weekend, as much as I wanted to. Mostly I was robbed of about half a day by traffic on Saturday just trying to get to my social commitment for that day. I spent most of Sunday recuperating and catching up on some personal chores which I had allowed to lapse to an embarassing degree.

This week I hope to be able to get a little writing done each night this week. I have two goals. One is to get at least next week’s feature written though I’d also like to outline the feature after that if possible. The other is to do at least some of the preparation work for this weekend’s news cast during the week rather than waiting until Saturday to get started. This weekend is a holiday weekend and it is one of the few where I take part in plans with my wife’s family. If I can get the news cast notes pulled together by Saturday night, then I should be able to record at the usual time, after returning home from brunch.

I don’t seem to be doing so well on time management lately. It has nothing to do with the new day job as the commute and schedule are nearly identical to my old job. I certainly did overcommit to my brewing lately, induging in back-to-back batches that are more demanding than spacing them out a bit more. Skipping all but one con this year may also be a contributing factor. In years past I’ve done at least one or two conventions by now which usually afford me a nice break from the routine and allow me to capture some decent content for sharing that also essentially each give me a free week or two where I can take a break or get ahead.

So let’s call this past Sunday and this Wednesday a hiatus and I’ll warn that with the holiday and brunch plans, the hiatus might expand to include this weekend, too. I had a couple of ideas for next week’s feature and am pretty confident I can get back on track then. I even have an idea or two for the feature after, usually a pre-requisite to getting ahead, even a little. At the outside this spontaneous hiatus should only last until next Wednesday at the latest. I’d make a firmer commitment to a news cast this weekend but judging by my recent track record and how this past weekend played out, I think the safer bet is 50/50 odds.

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