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  • Free software, single camera system out tracks Kinect
    Slashdot links to a project, Predator, which is claiming to be able to bypass training or to train object recognition and tracking on the fly. Not only that but unlike the hacks using the Kinect, no special kit is needed and the software is available under the GPL. Kinect has been an odd story with Microsoft proving at least in a single instance to be more tolerant of hackers and open source building on their device and just how tacking hackers are with the idea of using advanced sensors for all kinds of control purposes. Predator will prove interesting at the very least in that if it is adopted as well then the Kinect hacks are far from flukes based on sheer novelty.
  • Next-gen low-latency open codec beats HE-AAC
    Slashdot highlights the impressive comparative benchmark for Opus, a Xiph.org developed codec that is unencumbered (like its sibling codecs) and aimed at highly interactive applications. The milestone immediately put me in mind of open source VoIP like Gnu Free Call. One constant complaint is that past open Skype alternatives have just need had a comparable, high quality audio codec. Perhaps that is now no longer the case.
  • Smaller, cheaper reprogrammable chips may herald instantly upgradable devices
    Technology Review has details of what reads like an incremental improvement over FPGAs, chips that have been around for some time and are capable of being re-programmed to take on new functions. What the company discussed has done is perhaps push the cost and scale of re-programmable chips down enough to make them more feasible than FPGAs for consumer devices. There has been a lot of movement in this space so it will be interesting to see how many devices start making use of Tabula’s chips in the coming months, if any.
  • Google’s music offering may follow Amazon’s license-less example (and why), Glyn Moody
  • Plain text versions of Creative Commons licenses and CC0, Creative Commons
  • Hypertext’s creator is critical of the design complexity, poor visual aspects of the Web, Slashdot

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