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  • More DNS hacks to access services other than name resolution
    The H Security points to a couple of newer services for getting at information outside of the net’s name resolution system by issuing DNS queries against specific servers. One bridges into Identi.ca and Twitter, the other Wikipedia. The idea actually has been around for a while and the appeal is that paid access portals, like WiFi services at airports, usually allow DNS queries to flow unfettered.
  • Hibernate, Seam creator unveils Java replacement
    Slashdot links to an article with some pretty comprehensive detail of what Ceylon is and is not. I really couldn’t get past that it runs on the JVM meaning that it competes with quite a few other “post-Java” languages like Groovy and Scala. Maybe I am just burned out and cynical but the fact that it all compiles down to the same bytecode really makes me question what, if anything, Ceylon really has to offer that hasn’t already been done before.
  • Tcl ported to Google’s NaCL native client browser add on
    Contrary to what Slashdot says, Tcl is not the first scripting language after JavaScript in the browser. In fact, NaCl uncomfortably reminds me of VBScript and Microsoft’s early attempts to try to fragment web developers by offering advanced capability not exposed in a standard way to the browser. Granted, Google has a demonstrated track record that is much better than Microsoft’s on open standards but they are far from perfect. All the same, the implementation of Tcl may help catalyze fans of other languages to bring their favorites to the plugin, perhaps bolstering its popularity.
  • Rebels hijack Gadhafi’s phone network, Wall Street Journal
  • Dutch government speaks out against exporting net filters, then intros a national filter, Techdirt
  • Game developer tricks software pirates into outing themselves, Slashdot

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