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  • Groklaw articles to end May 16th
    I understand PJ’s reasoning expressed in the announcement directly on the site. If her goal was to aid in the fight against FUD spread by SCO in its years long suit against Linux, as she says the mission has been accomplished. I didn’t catch any mention of her curated feed, the NewsPicks, which I do hope she’ll keep up. It is an invaluable resource for those interested in technology law.
  • File sharers working to have a religion around copying, sharing recognized
    enigmax at TorrentFreak explains that the founder and early adherents of Kopimism have been trying to get their religious views officially sanctioned for a while. The most recent development is trying to understand the reasons for the rejection of their petition by the Swedish government in order to re-file, hopefully successfully. Maybe Isaac Gerson is sincere but at the risk of seeming cynical, I don’t think this is anywhere near as constructive as even The Pirate Party, far from an accepted form of protest by those working for copyright reform.
  • Crypto keys extracted from Apple’s AirTunes/AirPlay
    Judging from the H Security’s coverage, the motivation of James Laird, the hacker responsible, was to enable Linux to take part in Apple’s proprietary home streaming system. The crack precedes the release of a bit of software, SharePort, that allows Linux machines to play iTunes streams. I dount this will go over well with Apple, perhaps yielding yet another anti-owner override suit like the recently settled one by Sony against George Hotz.
  • Peru to open OLPC factory, distribute millionth computer by year’s end , Inhabitat via Groklaw NewsPicks
  • Four enemies of indie internet TV, Ars Technica
  • Sorting algorithms as dances, Slashdot

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