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  • 3D printing buildings
    Given the amazing proliferation of materials which can now be used as feed stock in powder bed and extrusion printers, this piece at Technology Review is not that surprisingly. It dovetails with a story I recall from a while ago where Scott Summit was addressing the state of 3D printing and included the architectural possibilities in his overview. What Neri Oxman at MIT is doing goes well beyond just the sorts of shapes possible, tweaking the very properties of the materials themselves in service of the design.
  • Android chief responds to criticisms over delayed source release for Honeycomb
    Andy Rubin’s defense sounds like the party line, the quotes and blog post to which The H Open links. That doesn’t mean it isn’t unreasonable, especially if you credit speculation of how much of a late start into the tablet space, for which Honeycomb is designed, Google had. It is not only plausible but probable it really will take longer to get the code up to the point where it is stable enough for a source release to make sense.
  • Linux celebrates its twentieth anniversary
    Alex Williams at ReadWriteWeb was one of several to remark on this particular milestone. He shares a simple timeline summarizes the free software kernel’s history to date. He also links to the video context that the Linux Foundation is running to help commemorate the occasion.
  • Europe adopts RFID privacy framework, The Register
  • UK undertakes its own domain seizures in pursuit of infringers, Techdirt
  • 3D printed difference engine, BoingBoing
  • Brain-computer interfaces works with speech centers, Slashdot

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