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  • Canonical ends CD program
    Responses to this announcement, like this one at The Register, are thankfully understanding. Canonical cites the fact that the ShipIt program was first offered when broadband was very rare. Since that has changed, the offer of free CDs via postal mail makes less sense. There will be an online trial that will in some ways take the CD’s place.
  • 3D printing wood
    Cory at BoingBoing links to some interesting research being done at the Open3D program at the University of Washington. By milling wood or nut shells to the consistency of flour, producing a material accurately if unimaginatively called wood flour, a powder bed printer can be adapted to produces items in wood. It is easy to imagine a next stage combining some fine surface detail with embedding or injecting color to yield realistic wood grains too.
  • Smithsonian gets tiny robots
    Slashdot has details of a new exhibit that includes about one hundred robotic artifacts that aims to help highlight the pervasive role robotic technology has undertaken. The showing is part of the institute’s efforts around National Robotics Week. There are links for more info from the post. I’ll have to figure out if I can take my own kids, who love robots of all stripes, to check out this exhibit.
  • Microsoft research would network spectrum analyzers, make them queryable, The Register
  • What is legitimate news gathering versus piracy, BoingBoing
  • The new Commodore 64, Slashdot

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