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  • Mozilla Messaging rejoins Mozilla
    Ryan Paul at Ars Technica has the news that optimistically signals a re-commitment to exploring social messaging as well as continuing to support development of Thunderbird. Paul offers a couple of examples that equally hint at good and not-so-good possibilities for Thunderbird and other projects formerly under the separate Messaging organization. Time will tell whether this change will net one over the other but I certainly hope it means a re-invigorated development cycle at least for Thunderbird if not for other interesting efforts like Raindrop.
  • New lawsuits in the music industry, this time targeting the labels
    Mike Masnick at Techdirt has news of a new class action suit, initiated by the estate of Rick James and encouraged no doubt by a ruling on appeal in Eminem’s suit against Universal Music. As it happens, these suits are also a consequence of the changing landscape of music. Older contracts allow for a higher royalty rate for license, vs. sales. As the labels have maneuvered to have digital downloads treated more like licenses, restricting listener’s rights, this has opened the door for artists with those older terms to seek higher compensation, hoisting the labels somewhat by their own collective petards.
  • OpenStreetMap releases easier, faster map editing interface
    Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb has the details of the culmination of several years of development work at the open, collaborative mapping project. As Kirkpatrick notes, the most likely direct benefit to the project is that it will make contributing easier and more pleasant, helping to scale efforts up even further.
  • FCC reboots as an open government platform, O’Reilly Radar
  • The biggest danger facing open source?, Slashdot
  • JavaScript passes Java in popularity, according to Open Source Knowledge Base, ReadWriteWeb

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