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  • FBI overwhelmed by help on encrypted note
    This news from Slashdot is simultaneously encouraging and frustrating. The amateur code breaking community has definitely turned out in force though I suspect the response goes well beyond just that set of folks. Maybe the FBI can be forgiven for underestimating the response but crowd sourcing like this has been undertaken enough times that there should be a more constructive solution to the flood than asking people to forego email and phone calls for postal mail.
  • Preview of UI features slated for Firefox 5
    Slashdot links to an article detailing nine features on the list for the next version of Firefox. They are pretty substantial, furthering the impression that the new rolling release plan covering several more major versions this year is very ambitious. If only half of these make it into 5 I think that’s still a hefty improvement and a lot for users to digest.
  • Beta draft of Mozilla Public License v. 2
    According to The H Open, the changes seem pretty straightforward, the most notable being improvements around GPL compatibility and a chance so that the license defaults to compatibility instead of the former language that required an opt in for compatibility. Other revisions seem to be good evidence that Mozilla is collaborating more closely with the Software Freedom Law Center, a significant entity in the realm of GPL and Free Software.
  • University of Innsbruck scientists set new record by entangling 14 qubits, Slashdot
  • Mozilla focusing on add ons to improve both speed and performance, The H Security
  • Pandora, other app makers subpoenaed over user data collection, Ars Technica

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