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  • Multitasking vs. multiplexing
    Kevin Kelly at Technium points to the interview Michael Chorost conducted with Thad Starner, wearable computing pioneer, for his book World Wide Mind. I saw Chorost speak about his book recently and am planning on reading it as the story and the ideas are fascinating. The concept of multiplexing as a more effective alternative to multitasking also came up at that talk so glad to see Kelly discuss it further.
  • FBI asks for public to help crack crypto in unsolved murder case
    The H was just one of several sources to pick this up. The messages in question are hand coded and a decade old. The inability to decode them is a little surprising but it seems very similar to the other sorts of challenges the amateur community has undertaken over the years. The stakes here of course are quite a bit higher and I hope someone is able to help.
  • StatusNet creator launches free del.icio.us replacement
    Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb has the news of Evan Prodromou’s latest project, freelish.us, a free software alternative to the popular social bookmarking site, del.icio.us. It is based on StatusNet, Prodromou and crew’s excellent micro-blogging platform, and very strongly shows that lineage. That impression is bolstered by the fact that you can stand up your own instance of the software if you want to keep control of your own data and that the social aspects appear to be fully federated so you can interact with your contacts wherever they are to share links with your tags and comments.
  • 200th birthday of Robert Bunsen, who didn’t patent his eponymous burner, Slashdot
  • New computer & video game museum opening in San Francisco, Slashdot
  • Firefox 4 Tor bundles for Linux, The Tor Project

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