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  • Jason Scott joins the Internet Archive
    Phillip Torrone at MAKE has the excellent news of what seems like a profoundly well made match. Reading Scott’s own announcement on his blog clarifies the role he’ll be taking on as well as how this move will affect his current projects, including his documentary making. In short, it should all be for the better. The excitement in his words is palpable and infectious–congrats Jason!
  • Device-to-device media sharing
    Technology Review crows about some recent services that utilized location data to enable smart phone users to find and share media with each other. I am pretty sure these models rely rather heavily on remote servers to make this happen. If so, that is disappointing as it seems like there should be more than enough horsepower on phones to just cut out the middle man, using wi-fi. Admittedly, it is a bit more complex than that but is anyone working on true device-to-device discovery and communications directly in situ?
  • Mozilla stopping support for embedding the Gecko layout engine
    I understand the reasons explained in this H Open article but am saddened nonetheless. It feels like Mozilla is losing a bit more ground to WebKit and the constellation of browsers that use it. Practically it may be an admission that many external projects have been adopting WebKit anyway. If it improves Mozilla’s traction on the ground from the forthcoming releases the rest of the year, that should be a decent trade off.
  • California introduces bill to update book privacy for ebook readers, EFF
  • Today is World Backup Day, ReadWriteWeb
  • White House releases IT Dashboard as open source code, O’Reilly Radar

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