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  • Amazon claims to not need licenses for cloud music offering
    My link dump yesterday forestalled comment on the forthcoming Amazon Cloud Player and associated service. Jacqui Cheung at Ars Technica has an answer to one question everyone had in the infosphere, how the retailer managed to clear licenses to make their offering legal. The short answer is that they have note which may set the stage for another legal battle on the scale of Google Books or even larger.
  • Browser power consumption comparison
    Slashdot links to some detailed data shared on the IE blog which not surprisingly shows Microsoft’s latest version as the winner across the board. Firefox 4 is a pretty close second and many of the individual tests are more even than I would expect considering the source. There should be enough on methodology for others to verify or debunk the findings. Regardless as much as Microsoft may have meant this as an unusual competitive marketing angle, the question of power consumption, for battery life as well as energy conservation, is increasingly important.
  • Movie studios equate BitTorrent swarm to civil conspiracy
    ernesto at TorrentFreak explains in fair detail the latest legal tactic being attempted to get around barriers to enjoining dozens of defendants in the recent spate of mass infringement cases filed by third party firms hoping to extract a bit of cash in the form of quick settlements. The link to conspiracy is not as novel as you’d think. Adrian John’s in “Piracy” relates at least one way of print piracy being quelled ultimately by a similar charge.
  • April 5th, call the White House to demand Patriot Act reform, EFF
  • Microsoft denies HTTPS shutdown was intentional, Slashdot
  • Mozilla releases Firefox 4 for Mobile, The H Open
  • Flying Wi-Fi swarm bots, Shareable

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