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  • Arguing for and against limitations on warrants to search hard drives
    Matthew Lasar at Ars Technica discusses the case against limits on hard drive searches made by Orin Kerr and for limits by Paul Ohm. Not surprisingly I tend to agree with Ohm’s response to Kerr. Call it cyber exceptionalism but digital information is functionally and structurally different than premises or even paper files. Undoubtedly we’ll see much more case law before a prevailing opinion, or even an acceptable statute, emerges.
  • Superconducting Niobium chip outstrips power efficiency of silicon
    Technology Review has the details of new research from Northrop Grumman just up the road in Baltimore. Eliminating the electrical resistance with a design utilizing Josephson junctions (just like in Rudy Rucker’s seminal Ware tetralogy) yields staggering efficiences. The drawback, as in the early fictionalized version, is the power sunk into cooling but the team reports that even factoring in that requirement nets a three hundred fold improvement over silicon. The bulky nature of the super cooling apparatus will undoubtedly keep this in high performance labs for the time being.
  • Ardour 3 enters alpha
    The H Open has details of the free software digital audio workstation starting on the track towards a new major release. Ardour is the workhorse with which I produce my podcast and I have a musician buddy, @choochus, who has been experimenting with the pre-alpha builds with good success. Supported OSes include both Linux and OS X and the addition of extensive MIDI support may make it an even more attractive alternative for musicians on those platforms to much more expensive proprietary options.
  • Only 9%, and falling, of US internet users are P2P pirates, Ars Technica
  • The story of MP3, NPR ht @WryneckStudio
  • FFmpeg integrates multi-threading support, The H Open
  • Apple removes Samba from next OS X because of GPLv3, Slashdot

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