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  • Twitter’s API restrictions prompt one developer to embrace open micro-blogging
    Klint Finley at ReadWriteWeb has a potential silver lining to Twitter’s new stance on 3rd party client’s and the associated API changes. Even if the API design lead only meant to discourage clients that didn’t offer features beyond the official service and clients, a renewal of efforts around OpenStatus is very welcome. The advantage to the open, federated approach is that new entries don’t take away from the existing ones, like StatusNet, but add to the whole.
  • Browser based, participatory programming education
    Klint Finley at ReadWriteWeb also has news of a new offering for those seeking to begin programming that only requires a browser. Counter to my first impressions, it is more aimed at those looking to jump right into web development rather than early education. With the capabilities of modern browsers (HTML5, CSS3, richer media support, etc.) it isn’t hard to imagine a more general approach, something rather Scratch-like but having the advantage of not requiring a local install and being able to access student projects from anywhere.
  • First plastic processor
    Slashdot has the details the most interesting of which is the physical characteristics of a processor that could be integrated into clothing or applied directly to equipment. Otherwise, the capabilities of the chip are quite modest. Undoubtedly if successful that would merely be the start of ever more capable processors that could be pushed into environments that don’t make sense of traditional silicon.
  • Kerry draft privacy bill would grant FTC relevant rulemaking authority, Washington Post
  • Google delays general release of Honeycomb source, Slashdot
  • The wiki turns 16, ReadWriteWeb

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