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  • One possibility if Moore’s Law ends
    Salon has an excerpt from Michio Kaku’s new book in which he speculates about the broad ramifications of the march of miniaturization halting as it butts up against physical limits. I think Kaku tends too much towards sensationalism in all of his popular work. As much as Moore’s Law is an observation not a axiomatic like gravitation, I tend to think the demand for ever greater processing power will inspire a way past the core problem he identifies.
  • Groups aims to develop open Web TV spec
    While I think we should credit efforts built around open standards I wonder if the initiative described by EE Times is just a bit out of sync, even if it is being spearheaded by the man behind MPEG video compression. Game consoles and even Blu-ray players are bridging the internet to existing sets helping to serve streaming video services. Maybe there still is a workable vision of a TV replacement, an ultimate convergence device but I think the ability of consumers to pick and choose options piecemeal is eroding the currency of that idea.
  • AnonyMiss, women hacktivists within Anonymous
    Oxblood Ruffin has an inside look posted at BoingBoing into an attempt by the hacktivist collective to respond to criticisms of gender imbalance. OR interviews one of the women helping to develop the new group. It doesn’t shy away from the harder questions, tackling threads of mysogyny, mixed reactions and painting a compelling picture of a group that has pulled together as much for its own sake and identity as for any outside reasons.
  • Research exploring the failure modes of unifying control and data into the same net traffic, Ars Technica
  • Motorola’s trusted boot loader finally cracked, Slashdot
  • Dutch courts rule hacking into wi-fi is not a crime, The Register

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