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  • The end of copyright’s social contract
    Glyn Moody shares a report by Joel Waldfogel at The Carlson School and Department of Economics, University of Minnesota that attempts to test the rhetoric advanced by big content that with strong intellectual monopoly, cultural creation would diminish. As Moody summarizes, Waldfogel’s finding that file sharing appears to have had little impact on availability of new, acclaimed music is far from conclusive mostly due to the limited data it considers. Still it is another arrow in the quiver in arguments for more directly dealing with the actual issues of outdated business models and experimenting with new means to support artists.
  • Use of internet to research election info reaches new high water mark
    Alex Howard at O’Reilly Radar summarizes the findings of a new Pew research study covering the mid-term elections last year. The uptick is remarkable but likely a part of the trend towards more people using the net to research all kinds of topics important to them. All the same, Howard’s article pulls out some of the more interesting trends, including the perception that extremists views are more evident and influential online than off.
  • Visualizing M-Lab data on broadband access speeds, potential interference
    Several of the folks at Google helping the Measurement Lab project have posted visualizations produced using new tools recently made available by the search giant. M-Lab is a collaboration between academics and technology companies trying to empirically assess concerns over violation of network neutrality. I suspect the second visualization, showing networking limiting over time may correlate to public discussion of discriminatory practices. It may be possible to get a better sense of that using the full data explorer tool set with some historical news links in hand.
  • Brief history of the Linux graphics stack, Ars Technica
  • Firefox 4 now available, Open Source at ZDNet
  • Google spends 1M USD on censorship, throttling detection, Ars Technica

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