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  • FLOSS in a post-PC world
    Glyn Moody has an excellent post that should serve as a wake up call to free software and open source advocates and developers. As he aptly notes, even providing some early empirical data, the focus of consumer computing is shifting away from personal computers towards mobile devices. The popularity of the app store model undoubtedly has much to do with the barriers to open source adoption and, as Moody notes, may help close the gap in the form of Mozilla’s efforts around an open web app store.
  • The story behind URL Hunter, a game played in a URL bar
    Andrew Webster at Ars Technica has the story behind a simple but surprisingly fun that made the rounds a few days back. If you hadn’t seen it, there is a link in the article. The story behind it is a great example of the hacker mentality of doing something just for the sake of playing with some clever trick, here the APIs exposed in newer browsers for accessing and manipulating history.
  • Super Mario as a first person shooter
    Cory at BoingBoing shares a video from the Facerocker people answering the question you probably never though to ask but should have: what would Super Mario look like as a first person shooter? Their answer is pretty much pitch perfect, subtly commingling some of the standards of the FPS genre with the iconic Nintendo platformer. Don’t be surprised if some enterprising game hacker is inspired to make a playable version.
  • MySQL fork Drizzle finally reaches first general availability release, Ars Technica
  • Profile of activist scholar, Tim Wu, BoingBoing
  • Mozilla shares 16-week plan for near term, post version 4 Firefox development, Ars Technica
  • Captain Kirk explains the microprocessor to you, Tor.com

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