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  • Twitter finally offers always on HTTPS option
    The H Security was one of several sources to pick up this announcement. The new feature arrives quite a ways after the original Firesheep tool that demonstrated why being able to turn on SSL for any web site or service that used a persistent, identifying cookie pretty much needs to be standard operating procedure. The H article includes clear instructions to enabling this off by default option.
  • EFF urges judge to reject dangerous new copyright troll strategy
    What EFF is working against is a twist on the mass infringement campaigns we seen so far. In this instance, though, rights holders are trying to use the class action mechanism in an unusual way that could result in treading on the rights of defendants. The move can easily be seen as an escalation after the original wave of mass infringement actions met stiff opposition from judges who clearly felt pursuing so many John and Jane Doe defendants was an abuse of the system.
  • Scott Adams says plenty would choose to live without privacy
    Slashdot links to an argument from Dilbert creator Scott Adams that hinges on the old rhetoric of exchange privacy for other values in a zero sum fashion. To be fair his post is mostly an economic thought experiment, not any sort of persuasive argument. The post is worth a read even if I think it confuses privacy, secrecy and assumes rather a lot about the ability to digest the flood of information his notional city would unleash.
  • Delivering broadband to homes in Virginia that big telecom forgot, Slashdot
  • Mozilla to ship Firefox 4 on March 22nd, The Register
  • Secret Australian piracy report revealed and debunked, TorrentFreak

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