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  • Single atom quantum memory demonstrated
    Technology Review has some excellent details of an incremental push towards feasible quantum computers and communications. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum optics have rigged up a system for storing the information encoded in a photonic qubit in a single rubidium atom. The storage times are incredibly short and even with the predicted improvements I don’t think the ultimate applications will be mass storage but rather enabling more effective quantum registers, the shortest live form of storage critical to being able to do useful work.
  • Exploring the proliferation of spam and spammers on Mechanical Turk
    Cory at Boing Boing links to an interesting experiment undertaken by Mark Alen, a Berkeley Operations Research PhD candidate. The findings are hardly surprising given the rise in using Turk for cracking CAPTCHAs more cheaply than with a pure software approach. It does make one wonder why the service continues of the junk output is so systemic regardless of the questions posed. Would implementing your own quality checking completely cancel out any cost advantage of this distributed work platform?
  • Another lock opening robot
    This reminds me of the safe cracking robot that made the rounds back in January. There isn’t much more information than what Make shares. According to the announcement from the project itself, a user can input part of the combination if they know it. This suggests to me that the electromechanical system brute forces the combination space, especially since they claim it could easily be adapted beyond the Master locks they initially targeted. Maybe just knowing this exists will finally still the intermittent dream I have of being back in school and having forgotten my locker combination.
  • Mozilla delivers first Firefox 4 release candidate, The Register
  • Nina Paley updates logo with variation for Readers against DRM, Techdirt
  • SourceForge opens the source to their platform software, Slashdot

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