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  • What pi sounds like
    Slashdot links to a video over at College Humor that rightly anticipates Pi Day (3/14). I was expecting a computer driven sonification but was delighted at this wonderfully analog approach. The number to note and chord translation is very simple but the layer of different instruments in the style of a round builds to a rather charming composition at its culmination.
  • Author succeeds in e-book sales by bottoming out price
    With the justifiable concern over e-book lending and discussions about readers bills of rights, Slashdot has a little good news from the world of e-books (even if it is on Kindle which is lousy with DRM.) Writer Joe Konrath has managed to drive a considerable sales success by dropping his price to ninety-nine cents. The counter-intuition likely works because it broadens his market well beyond its reach at any higher price point. How many more e-books would you buy, all other things being equal, at the same price as a downloadable song?
  • HP to put WebOS on all its PCs
    This announcement from the aged PC vendor reported by Slashdot, among others, strikes me as an odd play. Undoubtedly the supposition that it will run on top of Windows rather than completely replacing it has some legs. A convergence play would strengthen its mobile offering which has faltered in the face of offerings like iOS and Android that though almost as new have managed to gain much better traction.
  • Google releases Chrome 10 to stable channel, The H Security
  • New privacy law in Europe may be delayed over enforcement readiness, BBC
  • American Library Association task forces to take on e-book lending, BoingBoing
  • Turing award honors learning theory, parallel computing work, Ars Technica

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