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  • Gizmo5 discontinuing service on April 3rd
    As a long time registered user of the once potential open source contender to Skype’s VoIP dominance, I received an email announcement of the discontinuation of Gizmo5’s original service. Since Google acquired the company, it makes sense they are directing users to the voice call feature in Gmail and Google Voice. However, as a podcaster I am not happy as routing audio out of a browser under Linux is a royal pain compared to doing the same thing with standalone applications like the original Gizmo5.
  • The stars of 1K true fans
    Kevin Kelly has a follow up to his oft cited post from a few years back suggesting that artists might be able to thrive on economies of scale as small as 1000 fans willing to donate/purchase/support them for a substantial but not exorbitant sum each. In his follow up, he highlights some of the recent successes who are succeeding solely through direct audience connection rather than translating old media success into a new space and time.
  • Nina Paley’s Librarian’s Against DRM logo, for Readers Bill of Rights
    Here is an apt bit of design work from my very favorite cartoonist and animator, Nina Paley. I think this is similar but distinct from the Librarian in Black’s post from last week. All the same it hits on the same issues that seem to be coming to a head with Harper Collins capping how many times libraries may loan electronic copies of their books and no end in site for the use of DRM within publishing despite the hard lessons learned in the music industry about how it simply doesn’t work.
  • Germany builds encrypted, identity confirmed e-mail, Slashdot
  • Researchers develop super batteries from aero gels, Slashdot
  • Chinese government looking to track smart phones in real time, in Beijing, raising privacy concerns, EFF

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  1. Regarding Gizmo5; for what it’s worth I’ve recently discovered and tested pulse-jack bridge which lets you route non-jack aware apps (like a browser) into jack.

    I know you don’t use PulseAudio, but I believe that there is a similar jack-alsa bridge that should work the same way. Might be worth playing with.

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