TCLP 2011-03-06 News

This is news cast 238, an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

This week’s security alerts are a couple of stories of whether difficulties erasing and preserving data on flash storage and how to block Facebook apps accessing your contact info if you aren’t ready to just delete it or your account.

In this week’s news, considering whether piracy is the future of television, a novel processor design localizing storage to processor cores to get past the energy/heat wall, memristor based processor solves mazes, and remembering Trumpet Winsock with a call to thank its creator.

Following up this week Pirate Party official recognized in Massachusetts and DoJ investigating MPEG-LA for antitrust.


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  1. You mentioned a program that ran on your UNIX account in college to provide an “ad-hoc ISP connection.” I wonder if you’re thinking about “term,” a program to allow shell account users without SLIP/PPP access a way to put their home computer on the network, in a sense. It’s described in this article from 1994:
    I have fond memories of trying to figure out all the troublesome characters to escape when trying to run term over a series of terminal servers, hosts, and telnet connections. 🙂

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