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  • Project Gutenberg adds its 40,000th ebook
    I am reading about universal libraries at the moment so this milestone, remarked by the Open Knowledge Foundation really struck me. The project has 100,000 titles overall, the 40K number is just their tally of internally produced titles. It is equally impressive for the fact that it is all volunteer effort and uses some pretty clever means of coordinating effort and controlling for quality.
  • Red Hat’s move to obfuscate sources could affect more than Oracle
    Calling this obfuscation is probably a little strong. As The H Open explains Red Hat is just shifting from distributing clean kernel sources with separate patches to sources with the patches already applied. I don’t blame them for trying to make Oracle’s job of maintaining Unbreakable a bit harder but this is a rather poor tactic that isn’t going to do anything but piss off the much smaller distros, like CentOS, that use Red Hat’s as a foundation.
  • High bandwidth users are just early adopters
    Slashdot’s commentary on Cisco’s report on mobile data usage raises an interesting point. Carriers arguing about congestion is ultimately futile as the norms shift towards more rich media, regardless of whether that uses relatively niche technologies like P2P. If only they were convinced so easily to build to better serve those at the leading edge we’d all be better off down the road.
  • Java based emulator for Space Wars ported to HTML and JavaScript, Slashdot
  • Mozilla’s comments in response to FTC inquiry on privacy, Mozilla

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