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  • Senator Schumer says major websites should default to https
    Mike Masnick at Techdirt clarifies the nuances of Schumer’s stance, which may presage legislation. We definitely do not want a law mandating this as any subsequent problem with SSL encryption or poor definitions around what it means to offer such makes the law brittle in the face of changing threats. Laws should focus on outcomes not means, in this instance protecting user data from 3rd party eavesdroppers. Even such a modest goal is fraught though as building consensus on what data exactly to protect would no doubt prove a considerable challenge.
  • Multi-core voltage regulators could improve processor efficiency
    The research briefly described by Slashdot makes sense of the same reasons that localizing instruction and data caches for each core also make sense. This innovation should not only improve battery life for mobile devices but improve the energy and thermal load for larger scale computing, all the way up through data centers too. GizMag, the source of the article, doesn’t mention how far this is from commercialization but progress up to this hardware proof of concept has been encouragingly repid.
  • Reactions around the web to HarperCollins ebook lending limits
    Jenn Webb at O’Reilly Radar has a good round up of reactions, mostly from librarians but including notably Neil Gaiman who is a HarperCollins author. Beyond the general agreement that the publisher could have been more generous in its dealing with libraries is an interesting pointer to a notion I had not encountered before, public lending rights, a topic I’ll have to delve into further.
  • Taxonomy of social mechanics in multiplayer games, BoingBoing
  • Betty Boop and a strike against indefinite intellectual monopoly, Slashdot
  • Former senator official named new head of MPAA, ThreatLevel at Wired

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