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  • Judge grants injunction against TV streamer, ivi
    Nate Anderson has a good backgrounder along with this update on the legal travails of ivi who was taken to court for their business model of grabbing over-the-air broadcasts then streaming them out to viewers over the internet. I think this says as much about the near non-existent chance of a legislative compromise to help shield innovators from incumbents as it does about current statutes and case law still struggling to keep up with our post-network world.
  • Concerns over bureaucracy chill interest in State Department funding for activist tech
    Spencer Ackerman at Wired spoke with folks from several projects right in the space to which Clinton offered venture-like funding in her latest speech on net freedom. The reluctance of these hacktivists is part of a larger concern, of the gulf between private technology innovation and the government finally trying to catch up, not just with funding circumvention and privacy tools but also with the overall open government push. Ackerman’s article is also well worth the read to get a sense of the technological risks and some possible solutions for activists on the ground in the middle east right now.
  • Irish government tries sneaks in internet censorship law
    Bad news related by Cory at BoingBoing about secondary legislation that may require ISPs to filter for infringing content. It should be known by Friday whether this amendment will be included or not as well as the actual details of what it will require. Speculation includes a possible three strike and disconnect regime. This is a far fall from the centuries gone days of the Dublin re-printers pirating the earliest copyrighted books produce in London, in the name of improving local education and literacy.
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