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  • Chrome beta boosts JavaScript speed by 64%
    A quick read through the explanation, to which Slashdot links, makes it sound like the changes leading to this aggressive improvement in some situations bears a striking similarity to Sun’s general idea behind the HotSpot optimization for the Java VM. As more sophisticated applications are being built using much improved client-side capabilities, it makes a good deal of sense. I leave several tabs open to key apps I use constantly throughout the day, so no doubt this approach to speeding them up would yield some tidy boosts. I hope Mozilla looks into this idea, too.
  • Police chief teaches parents to keylog kids
    Slashdot links to a story about a NJ police chief urging parents to surveil their kids in response to the threats inherent in online spaces like Facebook. This is a horrible idea, for many of the same reasons the V-chip was a bad response to issues of how bad speech might affect kids. A more considered response is educating parents on how to build trust with their kids, to converse with them about risk and better arm them to behave responsibly. An intrusive technology, like a keylogging, invites as many unintended consequences as the original threats this officer is suggesting it addresses.
  • State of Washington to try online elections
    I expect this election, as minor as it may be according to Slashdot, will be followed closely by security researchers. In addition to the lack of a paper trail or other mechanism for independent verification, online voting is only as secure as the weakest link between the voter and the remote server. Think about that for a moment, of all the vulnerabilities exposed daily in PC’s, routers, etc.
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