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  • Using 3D printing to repair Rodin’s Thinker
    Seriously, is there anything 3D printing can’t do? Curt Hopkins at ReadWriteWeb relates the lamentable outcome of an art theft that destroyed a half dozen works and left the icon Thinker in ruins. i.materialize, one of the entrepreneurs in the space of 3D printing and scanning help the curators at Musee Rodin re-assemble and repair the work using their Mammoth printer.
  • Possibilians vs. agnostics
    Kevin Kelly at The Technium embeds a video of David Eagleman’s talk at PopTech! where he coins and explains the idea of possibilianism. As an agnostic, I like the thinking expressed by the neologism as well as Kelly’s augmentation, the relation to the church of I Don’t Know. It speaks strongly to the open ended nature of science and a personal way to live that is about exploration, thought and discussion more than answers.
  • Qualcomm introduces free p2p framework for mobile computing
    The idea of smart phones communicating directly with each other to achieve some software mediate goal, like information exchange seems like a technology we should already have. The H Open has details of an announcement from Qualcomm at the Mobile World Congress of a framework, readily portable to the most popular plaftorms, to fill this gap.
  • NIST defines new versions of SHA-512, Schneier on Security
  • FTC, DoJ in “preliminary” investigations over Apple’s new subscriptions, Ars Technica
  • Hollywood finally moving to close HD video analog hole, Slashdot

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