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  • State of open cloud computing
    Glyn Moody has a nice piece on the H Open re-capping the threat seen by some, like Richard Stallman and Eben Moglen, presented by cloud computing against principles of software freedom. Despite slow progress in some areans, like Diaspora’s promised tilt at Facebook, there is cause of optimism at last in the platform as a service space in the progress made so far on the Open Stack project.
  • Foreign hackers attack Canadian government
    Slashdot was one of several sites to pick up this story, one that echoes the hack attacks against US companies around this time last year. In addition to securing classified information, though, this time around the suspected Chinese hackers have also knocked a couple of federal agencies offline.
  • Microsoft bans free software from its mobile app store
    This news, reported by the H Open, is hardly surprising considering the Redmond giant’s traditional animosity towards open source and free software. The H also explains this change in the store’s terms of service appears to be directly inspired by the couple of cases of GPL’ed software showing up then getting rejected in Apple’s app store. It still seems like it would be just as simple to tweak the system to allow source code as it would be to clamp down the legalese.
  • Newly released documents detail FBI’s plan to expand surveillance powers, EFF
  • Court says metadata should be released under FOIA requests, Techdirt

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