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  • US government shuts down 84000 websites by mistake
    ernesto at TorrentFreak has the details of the latest action by DHS/ICE’s Cyber Crimes Center. It demonstrates how this newly adopted technique of “seizing” domain names is so much more fallible than more established practices such as notice and take down. In this instance what is assumed to be a typo inadvertently took out a dynamic DNS server which than cascaded into taking out the thousands of domains in question, domains whose owners have no clear recourse other than waiting for someone to realize the error.
  • Samsung demos Galaxy S notaphone
    Chris Foresman at Ars Technica explains about the couple of models the electronics maker showed off at the recent Mobile World Conference. Depending on the price and whether the touch screens are capacitive or resistive, this could be a nice eventual upgrade from the Archos notaphone I reviewed last year. It is too early to really say but hopefully it also means there is enough of a market to see intermittent new entries to serve those of us who prefer the smart phone experience without having to deal with carriers.
  • Old comic book ad for public libraries
    I love this scan Cory posted to BoingBoing. It is of an ad that Nick Page find that is, as Cory points out, all the more bittersweet for the existential problems facing many libraries. I think we need to remix this idea to fit an updated role for the public library that embraces our post-network world.
  • Braid creator on “evil” social games, Slashdot
  • Warding off email snoops, Wired
  • MapQuest launches Android app with OpenStreetMaps, turn-by-turn navigation, ReadWriteWeb
  • Hacker turned fed seeks hack spaces to receive DARPA grants, BoingBoing

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