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  • Tease of Schneier’s next security book
    This post on societal security frames the issues that Bruce Schneier says he be exploring in his next book. It definitely continues his trend of moving from mechanical aspects of security, like crypto, further into human factors, like fear, risk and psychology. Judging from this blog post, there will be a considered historical dimension to the forthcoming book, too, which I always find that much more compelling.
  • Username profiling presents increased risk to file sharers
    When I saw the discussion of a study showing how more distinctive usernames make it easier to identify and track people online, I largely dismissed it as pretty obvious. ernesto at TorrentFreak however points out an aspect I hadn’t considered that is a bit more worrying. Username correlation played a part in the arguments against Jammie Thomas so it is reasonable to assume this approach will be used in modern campaigns, such as the mass infringement suits and ISP notice-notice or notice-suspend regimes.
  • iBookstore purchases may not work on jailbroken Apple devices
    I cannot say I find the details reported by Chris Foreman at Ars Technica all that surprising. jailbreaking eliminates the device’s trusted status with regards to DRM. And Apple’s electronics book channel, like their video offerings and until a few years ago their music, are lousy with digital locks. It is a strong reminder that DRM sticks to everything it touches and breaks in unpleasantly surprising ways.
  • Steps towards a bionic eye, Scientific American
  • Duplex radio breakthrough may speed wireless networking, Slashdot
  • Converting a toy into an Enigma machine, Slashdot
  • In browser genetic algorithm for evolving a car, BoingBoing

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