A Glut of 3D Printing News

Following on from yesterday’s wonderful Ignite talk, a ten year old boy’s rhapsody for his home 3D printer, I noticed a handful of more stories today from the world of 3D printing. I figured I’d cobble them into a single post rather than leave them out of my daily posts or relegating them to mere, uncommented links.

First is a usable body guitar ready for strings and pickups straight out of the printer. The video is well worth the watch as I doubt you’d realize this was anything other than an interesting looking guitar if you didn’t know it was fabbed up by a 3D printing enthusiast.

Zoybar TOR from Kevin Holmes on Vimeo.

3D printed guitar is fully rockin’, BoingBoing

If you are not lucky enough to possess a home 3D printer yet, the good news is i.materialize is running a special for the next four weeks. Anything you order in that time will qualify for free shipping.

Free shipping on 3D prints for four weeks, BoingBoing

The final story is news that the 3DP Team at the University of Washington’s Solheim Rapid Prototyping Laboratory have made some impressive incremental progress towards the dream of fully self replicating fabricators. In this instance, they’ve cloned all of the parts needed to assemble a variant on the venerable RepRap, Prusa, one of the more accessible versions in terms of ease of assembly. Better yet, using the freely shared fruits of their efforts it is possible to pull off this trick in just thirty minutes.

3D printer that prints itself gets closer to reality, BoingBoing

I have to thank my fellow 3D printing enthusiast, Cory Doctorow, for posting all of these stories today.

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