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  • Marlinspike spreads mobile encryption internationally, especially to Egypt
    Kim Zetter at Wired has the details of new software, initially for Android with other platforms coming soon, that allows users to use voice and text with strong crypto. The software is being developed by Moxie Marlinspike’s company, Whisper Systems. Marlinspike has been in the press recently for other technologies he’s developed to help secure privacy and for being snared by border security on the pretense of being a known associate of folks at WikiLeaks.
  • PayPal opens its micropayment solution
    Mike Melanson at ReadWriteWeb has the news of the transaction processor’s new offering. PayPal already supports smallish exchanges but its regular fee structure doesn’t scale down so well when you are dealing with quarters and dimes. The new service is meant to address that barrier. I still think models like Flattr and what Readability just announced make more sense as they eliminate the decision point over amount altogether, saving consideration on how much to spend for once a month rather than every transaction. Competition is good, however, so hopefully this will spur more offerings in the space.
  • How Neil Gaiman came around on the issue of piracy
    I love this video, an interview conducted by the Open Rights Group and shared by Mike Masnick at Techdirt among others, from the much beloved author. In it he explains his original irritation with piracy then how he eventually came to his current view of how the spread of his work, regardless of the legitimacy of the means for doing so, tracks with improved sales. I also enjoyed how he touches on a bit of copyright mythology, that it requires an active defense (it doesn’t), that he originally believed. Many, many other creators I’ve encountered over the years have held this same falsehood to be true. Fantastic to have yet another high profile creator endorsing sanity in amongst the tough questions being argued around copyright in a digital, networked world.
  • World’s total CPU power about equivalent to one human brain, Ars Technica
  • Researchers share insights into the brain’s visual processing, The Register
  • One mystery of Voynich manuscript resolved, its date, The Register

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