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  • Several projects for a government-less Internet
    Klint Finley at ReadWriteWeb lists out several efforts to build de-centralized networks, clearly taking as his inspiration the Internet blackout in Egypt. All of the initial set are mesh networks of one variety or another. None have a clear incremental path, other than perhaps the OLPC project. In an update, he links to several more that are a bit further along with their respective implementations. I still am unsure whether building a parallel network is the best response to repression and censorship, other than as a stop-gap.
  • Molybdenite as alternative to silicon
    Slashdot shares news of Swiss research that indicates a material already used in lubricants and in steel alloys may prove the alternative to silicon that graphene may not. The advantage is an incredibly low power draw in standby state, like initially suggested with the carbon nano-material. Molybdenite has an electron-volt gap so transistors using the semiconducting material could switch as well as current ones in silicon.
  • Cyborg contact lenses
    Make has news of a next step along the way to an old standby of cyberpunk fiction, displays embedded within contact lenses. A UW Seattle researcher who previously demonstrated a single red LED in a contact has now developed a lens that can help monitor glaucoma patients. How much longer before we have the first pair of workable, quarter VGA lenses?
  • Making quantum memory from an almost classical system, Ars Technica
  • Sony sends DMCA notice to github over alleged PS3 circumvention code hosted there, Ars Technica
  • Researchers enable mesh networking for Android, Ars Technica

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