Snow Induced Hiatus

I was just warming up to record the intro and other bits to finish off last night’s episode so I could post it on schedule when the power flickered three times and then cut out. As of late this morning when I left to brave the Metro to see if circumstances at the day job were any better, we still had no power. We had been listening to the local AM news station all morning for word of restoration but our pathologically incompetent power company has been conspicuously silent.

Roads were reasonably clear on the drive out of the neighborhood with only one traffic light out on my short trip to the nearby Metro station. There were however many trees and branches down in the area. I called our local power company before I left to report our outage. I was not greeted with any sort of information on the extent of the power losses or an ETA on restoration. Checking there site now from work, our area of the county was hit the worst with just about one out of every two customers served having no power. Pepco is still assessing the damage, having already reported what they describe as “major system-wide outages”, but still hasn’t posted any ETAs as of yet.

I can’t help but wonder at the quality of repairs after the major power loss this time last year. I know rationally that downed trees and branches pretty much trump anything they could have done in the way of making the system in the area more robust or in the preparations for the storm. All that being said, images of chewing gum and twist ties on the poles keep dancing through my head.

Unless we got extraordinarily lucky, this week’s feature cast will be postponed until next week. Apologies to Jill Reilly James and Sarah Stierch who spoke at Wiki X DC and I already told that I’d be releasing their talks as part of this Wednesday’s episode. It cannot be helped.

If the power outage continues into the weekend, it will also make missing my third news cast in a row pretty likely. That also cannot be helped as I cannot do the reading and research necessary to prepare for news shows without power and hence Internet access.

Unless power is miraculously restored before this evening, the outage will also jeopardize the release of episode six of my other podcast, too. If my co-host and producer, John Taylor Williams, still has power we may be able to make shift. I’ll coordinate with him as the day progress to see if at least one podcast can be salvaged this week.

I’ll post as I can with updates and I appreciated your patience with this act of nature.

Update: I should have made clear that we are all safe and warm despite the power loss.  We learned after the extended outage during last year’s blizzard and were well prepared.  We have a kerosene space heater with two tanks worth of fuel, various Coleman camping implements with fresh batteries and cooking fuel, and packed our perishables into coolers filled with snow out on the deck within thirty minutes of losing power.  We also have a power inverter for charging gadgets as a last resort, mostly for the benefit of the kids who aren’t nearly so accepting of enforced quiet reading time all day and night.

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