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  • How fruit flies could improve wireless networking
    Erica Naone at Technology Review summarizes findings published recently in Science that could simplify the organizational work necessary to deploy wireless networks. Examining the physiological development of fruit fly nervous systems, researchers realized the similarities with computer networks. The key difference is biological systems don’t come pre-coded with knowledge of how signal paths need to connect. Reverse engineering that trick could allow computers to pull off that same trick, more automatically configuring networks with less human input.
  • An easy way to crack Kindle DRM
    Cory at BoingBoing does anyone with an investment in Amazon’s closed ebook platform a service by linking to a pretty simple method for freeing such a collection. This approach relies on a pretty capable, multiple platform read, Calibre, and will only work if you already can read the ebooks on the computer where you want to undertake the format shifting. There’s a link in Cory’s post to another method that may be more capable but require a bit more technical expertise, not to mention a Windows box, to pull of. I’m still happy to reserve my funds for dead tree editions and electronic ones that come originally without DRM but your mileage may vary.
  • Why hardware video acceleration isn’t as completely support on Linux, Slashdot
  • Sony, Universal consider selling singles the same day they are available for radio play, ReadWriteWeb

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