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  • Flow chart for accurate Internet attribution
    Xeni at BoingBoing shares a lovely infographic that unknowingly resonates with the plenary session from World’s Fair Use Day yesterday. A recurring theme in the discussion amongst Tim Hwang (roflcon), Ben Huh (I Can Haz Cheezburger empire) and Kenyatta Cheese (Know Your Meme) was incorrect attribution or even lack there of via a simple “from the internet” label. The stories also evinced the inexplicably dumb and incorrect view that anything found on the Internet is free for the taking without even the minimal effort of correct attribution. Boing Boing correctly attributes this to Rosscott.
  • Fair use and John Forsythe
    Nate Anderson at Ars Technica directly calls out this story mentioned by Maria Pallante, the interirm Register of Copyrights, used in her World’s Fair Use Day morning keynote yesterday. As frustrating as Forsythe’s case may be, Pallante and Anderson remind us that it is the potential cost for a system that can be much more adaptable than bright line rules (7 seconds, 7 words, 7 frames, etc.) or with now exceptions to copyright at all.
  • Beta 9 of Firefox 4 released
    Given what seems like credible evidence, from mailing list discussions, that Firefox 4 will land next month, this latest beta is looking pretty close to a release candidate. The cumulative list of features and improvements in the announcement of the beta from Mozilla is impressive and a good reminder of why Firefox 4 has been worth waiting for (unless you’ve been tracking the betas, like me, or even living beyond the bleeding edge with nightly builds.)
  • Deleted status updates appearing in new Memorable Stories feature on Facebook, ReadWriteWeb
  • UK government setting up public data corporation to free some data, ComputerWorld UK
  • Hijacking the iPhones headphone port for hacked peripherals, Slashdot

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  1. If you use both the Undo Tab feature and Panorama (aka “Tab Candy”), you might want to hold off on Firefox 4 beta 9.

    Bug 624265 (“Undo most recently closed tab creates a new tab group and switches to it”) is a bit of a nuisance, and though it’s since been fixed in the nightly builds, it wasn’t fixed in time for the beta release. (I use the nightlies, myself.)

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