Gabriella, thanks for the extra sources, I will definitely check them out. I think a lot of my unease originates with the political contentiousness of current culture. In my examinations I find it impossible to separate the political slant of many articles from the point being made (I do not exclude myself, but rather accept it as a fact). This of course could be said about everyone, we all naturally express our own biases through our words and actions; it is just somehow even more noticeable over the internet medium.

This is what jumps at me when discussing anyone’s opinions on the internet. Just how fine grained does that opinion, political or otherwise, get, and what are its effects? This is my primary concern, for all the talk of “inclusion” online, personal proclaimed political slant seems to be most expressive linkage and is more or less expected of self-associated groups. It is usually expressed as in an unwritten/unspoken attitude of, “Toe the line, or go to another page with people like you”. It’s as if many persona online don’t realize what that very attitude does for all their spoken opinions of “inclusion.”

I am trying to deal with the “meta-space” issues, I am trying to map the “terrain” first, before I set off in search of a new way. Just what is the human geography of the internet? And more importantly how does that relate with actual geography?

Thank you for your insights.