I am not sure I see it as being as dire as all that. I too get frustrated when dwelling too long on one end of the spectrum or the other. I thought Gabriella did a pretty good job of acknowledging that journalists and academics each serve a complementary purpose. As a professional technologist, however, I share her frustration when a journalist rushes too judgment on the basis of too shallow an understanding of the technology and the technological actors involved. I try to call attention to academics who make their work more accessible to the public (Lessig, Zittrain, Hyde, et. al.) and routinely highlight in my blogging journalists who share the implications of technological development with thoroughness and accuracy.

All that being said, the discussion around Assange, WikiLeaks and Anonymous were perhaps overly ambitious even for a long form interview. Gabriella and I both mentioned other resources for further reading that I tried to link in the show notes. In particular, I think Clay Shirky is offering one of the sanest voices on my of the key aspects of the WikiLeaks story.

I recently approached Dan Gillmor, a noted journalist and thought leader in the field of journalism. He was agreeable to an interview so I hope to have him on the show, soon. Perhaps that will help provide the balance you seek and provide hints towards more engagement and cooperation from all corners.