Why do I get the feeling that events are happening too fast for anyone to keep up with. This continued rhetorical tennis match between journalists and academics is lost on the general public. To be clear I am speaking a member of the general public. I have tried to follow these series of stories and articles and such as best a possible; however, the lack of any real experience from either of these disciplines is obvious. I find things are reduced mostly to politics with claims and counter claims that ” Social Law” is “this or that” .

This interview emphasizes this reality. As an outsider I would appreciate a humbling of all parties. most people who have engaged in this “war of ideals” all strike me as arrogant proponents of their own ideals: I include your interviewee. Near as I can tell there has been no true advancement of the facts of the situation. Perhaps this is because politics is a strong and emergent factor in this debate.

I can only implore you to present a message and agenda of humble cooperation amongst those involved in this debate. People are generally more receptive when Ego’s are checked at the door. I can only hope that these diverse participants chose to put their collective heads together rather then continue rasp their unfounded opinions on the digital chalkboard.