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  • Profile on birth date of noted technology skeptic
    One of the potential traps of reading and writing so much about technology is becoming inured to its essential faults and those problems that can arise from ill considered application. Tony Long at Wired has a nice write up (a re-post from this same date last year as it happens) of a philosopher and thinker, Jacques Ellul, who focused very much on these risks that early adopters like myself are sometimes prone to over look. I must add his seminal work, The Technological Society, to my reading list.
  • The continued censorship of Huckleberry Finn
    This development, summarized at Slashdot, has already come up during dinner table conversation in my home. Beyond the free speech concerns I have, as a parent, I am angered and saddened by the publisher’s perception that there is a large enough market of teachers and families that would rather take a pass on the challenge of profane speech, a lesson the world is likely to teach our children anyway whether we like it or not.
  • New House rules could bring greater legislative transparency
    The Google Public Policy blog highlights some positive items in the new rules for the just opened session of the House of Representatives. There is a nice shout out to Carl’s work with others on house.resource.gov along with even more operation data being exposed. I am a bit skeptical on the public review window for new bills as a similar promise was made and swiftly abandoned by the Obama administration.
  • Emotionally powerful voices of youth dissent online, ReadWriteWeb
  • Google suit halts Microsoft federal contract, The Register

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